Mystery Fiction Books

A mysterious story has five important elements – a strong plot, suspense, well-structured setting in chapters, effective language to set the mood for the problem and solution and active reader involvement.These elements will help weave the story and action to develop in a logical and seamless way that the reader can follow. The element of a red herring or fake clue in the mystery book adds way to distract the reader and lose track on the genuine clue that would help solve the crime very easily.

Mystery Fiction is a genre of fiction that revolves around death or crime or supernatural power intending to be solved. In an identified list of suspects, each suspect will come with an ulterior motive and a very reasonable opportunity for performing the act. The central character will be a detective who will be the key to solving the mystery. The character shall use logical deduction to solve the mystery from facts. Mystery stories can be fictional and nonfictional. Fictional mystery stories will have an element of supernatural existence where the solution to the mystery need not have any logic or crime. The suspense element of the story or the emphasis of the mystery in the content will be a delight for the readers to enact the same in their minds.

The development in the publication of mystery novels began from early-19th century as people became more individualistic and shown ability to solve problems. This is marked by the fact that police forces were institutionalized only during the 1800s and the need for detectives was realized only later. Prior to that, there was hardly need for any security as most of the people in the town or a place is known to each other. Sherlock Holmes mystery series introduced by author Arthur Conan Doyle is singularly responsible for the huge success and popularity of this genre. The genre began to expand near the turn of century with the development of dime novels and pulp magazines. Interest in this fiction continues until today because of various television shows that uses mystery themes and many novels (juvenile and adult) continue to still use the same theme in their publications. Mystery novels are sometimes confused with thriller and suspense genre but the core idea of mystery is very unique and distinct.